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Landrover Review

Land Rover is a UK-based auto manufacturer that specializes in 4WD vehicles and is part of Jaguar Motors, which is owned by the Indian Tata Group. Land Rover is the second-oldest 4-wheel drive vehicle brand in the world (following Jeep). Land Rover (the name) was originally exercised for the use of one specific vehicle which was launched in 1948, the Land Rover, by the Rover Company. However, the company met with so much success that it developed into a brand consisting of various 4WD vehicles, including the Freelander, Range Rover, Discovery, Defender, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Sport. All of these vehicles are built at Land Rover's Solihull and Halewood factories, with development and research happening at its JLR's Whitley and Gaydon centers. In 2009, Land Rover sold 194k vehicles.

Although the Land Rover brand chases its roots all the way back to the Starley & Sutton Company in 1878 in Coventry, Land Rover really began once WWII was over and the British were reconstructing their country. Before this time, it had slowly built its car production business, and it struggled financially during some points. At that time, the company was great at selling vehicles locally- but not at the International level However, Rover Car Company made the decision to change its profit plan and managed to forgo its need for the rationed UK steel stocks with its successful reputation dating back to the 1930s.. The company found that it could open a place in the market with vehicles like the Jeep, which could be built with aluminum instead of the steel. There was a surplus of aluminum floating around from the war, and the new project was named "Land Rover."

By the time 1948 rolled around, Land Rover was hitting the stage at the Amsterdam Motor Show. The Land Rover vehicle was a sight to behold; it challenged the way people thought about automobiles with its two gear ranges and transfer box, as well as its super-strong steel chassis , tough transmission, and waterproof wiring. The Land Rover was, and is, a vehicle that could tackle any kind of terrain, and it set the stage for many 4WD technologies and designs one still sees throughout the automobile industry today. Several explorers helped to prove the Land Rover's capabilities, including Lawrence Vanderpost in the 1950s with his search for bushmen and Colonel LeBlanc with his famous drive from Britain to Abyssinia in 1949. Land Rover helped to sponsor these and other expeditions through the Royal Geographic Society, which it still helps to sponsor today.

The Land Rover brand has created a dedicated fan base, especially with its Range Rover model- a five-passenger SUV that's been in production since 1970 under three generations of distinct styling. Today's Range Rover includes luxurious cabin styling and an extremely quiet ride as two of its outstanding features, and like many Land Rovers, competes with Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Cadillac. The Land Rover brand has been used in many applications and by many organizations, such as the military, in competition, in driving clubs, and in driving training. Land Rover also has associations with a coffee brand, Land Rover ATP pushchairs, and Pashley Cycles through the company's use of its brand name on hand-made bicycles.