Used 2012 Lancia New Ypsilon Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Lancia New Ypsilon

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Rating: 2.6/5
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The Lancia New Ypsilon provides drivers with an updated look that offers a stylish exterior and a custom feeling interior. For those that seek originality and elegance without giving up luxurious comfort and quality, the New Ypsilon can provide the perfect option to meet every single one of their needs. With the look of a three door and remaining in the same class as other compact cars, the Lancia New Ypsilon provides ease of access with five doors, one for each passenger, and plenty of leg room for each and every one. In the event that one of the passengers is smaller than the rest, there is even enough room in this compact vehicle for one more person, making it capable of holding four passengers in addition to the driver without sacrificing the compact look and the style of the city car that it has been known for so many years. There are many details that have been given great consideration, and the seating arrangements for passengers are only the beginning. Comfort is only one of three dominant factors that are taken into consideration when a car is designed and passenger convenience and safety have by far not been overlooked in the Lancia New Ypsilon.

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Safety features have been given great consideration both inside and out, and there is no doubt that each New Ypsilon will come equipped with both standard and optional features designed with every passenger in mind. Even the airbags are designed to keep everyone in the car covered in the event of a collision. Convenience is something that many people take for granted, but this model gives in to the whims of every driver and passenger by giving them what they have come to expect in terms of modern convenience and practicality. Different versions of the Lancia New Ypsilon provide not only different standard features, but different interior styling as well. For those individuals that are looking for a more unique vehicle, there are accessories that can be purchased to make each New Ypsilon truly one of a kind. The contents and style of this vehicle are not the only reasons that it is chosen by buyers, however. there are also after sale incentives that have been added, such as the extended warranty covering unlimited miles, that are designed to keep drivers completely satisfied with their purchase for the entire life of the car.

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Rating: 2.6/5
70 users voted