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The design of the Lancia Delta provides consumers with a roomy saloon car with the power reminiscent of a sport vehicle, and yet it maintains its environmental stance through low emissions and lower fuel consumption. It makes its mark in the medium size class while providing occupants all of the room that they would receive in a larger vehicle with no need to fight over elbow room. The Delta is designed with materials and fine lines that make it feel elegant and luxurious, from the material of the seats to the technology that has been incorporated on board. Underneath the hood, however, there is enough power to make every driver feel like they are in control of a sport car from a completely different class. Designers have taken great care to combine several different values in this one vehicle in order to give drivers exactly what they want from a car. There is plenty of safety and comfort on board what feels like a sport car, and the elegance has not been completely taken over by the bold assertiveness that the design portrays. With all of the changes that have been made to the exterior of the Lancia Delta, the interior has not been forgotten.

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The changes that have occurred on the outside of the Lancia Delta have flowed through to the interior with many changes being made there as well. There are many new features that provide occupants with all of the comfort and convenience that they require, and there is no doubt that safety has been given top consideration. Not that it was not given that consideration on previous models, but the interior of the Lancia Delta has been given a certain touch that combines innovation and elegance in a way no other car has been able to, and safety features have been added in order to balance the sporty feel with the family saloon. Convenience and comfort have not been sacrificed either, with driver controls being easily accessible and easy to use, and every creature comfort having been given some sort of consideration in order to make any trip comfortable for all of the passengers. Even the lighting has not been forgotten, not only for the exterior for driving at night, but the interior as well so that occupants can feel as if they are in a more open environment every time they slide inside.

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Rating: 3.0/5
51 users voted