Used 2012 Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan

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Those who want a practical small car will find the Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan a contender on the list. Though the style of this hatchback hasn't be designed to keep up with the competition, that does not mean that buyers should count it out. It offers a spacious interior along with the standard features needed to make most buyers happy. When you combine this with the gas savings and the warranty offered by Kia, it makes the Forte a strong possibility. That said, the competition is stiff on the small car market and this little vehicle just isn't on par with the other candidates when it comes to current offerings.

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The Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan is one of the three models offered in this vehicle line. The additional hatchback door makes it a viable choice for those that often haul cargo because few smaller cars come with this alternative any longer. It offers a lot of promise for the money, but it won't turn heads as it is driven down the street. The styling is somewhat humble compared to newer models on the market. That doesn't mean that it should be counted out as a potential vehicle for the budget conscious.

The simple fact is that small cars do not offer the same interior space and comfort that their larger siblings enjoy. Still, the Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan is fairly comfortable given the overall dimensions. Passengers won't find an astonishing amount of space, but there is adequate room for heads, legs and even stuff. Quality inside the cabin won't win any awards, but it is certainly not a dismal place to be. The biggest benefit to this model of Forte is going to be the cargo space available both with the rear seat up and without.

Taking the Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan for a stroll on the highway will only showcase its mediocrity. It isn't the powerful performance that is available with some vehicles, but it isn't an overall disappointment. Drivers likely will never brag about the handling or steering that comes with the Forte, but passengers will not complain about a miserable ride either. Designed to be a daily commuter, the Forte doesn't provide much in the way of excitement. It does well for its intended purpose, but the competition could easily outperform it with little effort.

There are two engines available on the Kia Forte 5-Door Sedan and which one is given will depend on the trim selected. The EX trim will come with a 2.0 liter 156 horsepower four cylinder. The SX trims upgrades to a 2.4 liter 173 horsepower four cylinder. Both are paired with a six speed automatic transmission. The Forte is certainly not going to win any speed contests as it doesn't have the power to back it up. Where it shines the most is in fuel economy with it reaching anywhere from 22 to 25 mpg in the city to 32 to 36 mpg on the highway.

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Rating: 2.2/5
23 users voted