Used 2012 Jaguar XJ Supercharged Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Jaguar XJ Supercharged

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When it comes to style and class, the Jaguar XJ Supercharged ranks top in its class. From the exquisite appearance of the outside to the lavish design of the interior, the XJ Supercharged boasts nothing but high quality. What truly sets this apart from the typical XJ sedan is the power of the engine. Built for those that want more speed and a stronger performance, this vehicle achieves both without hesitation.

There are many high class luxury vehicles on the market and none seem to stack up well against the Jaguar XJ Supercharged. The optimum performance that is acquired from the vehicle is helped in part by the materials used outside of it. A strong base of aluminum ensures that it is lighter and able to handle anything that one can toss at it. Not only does the new styling affect the way the car maneuvers along the roadway, it also ensures that it continues to turn heads as it does so. It took several years, but Jaguar finally brought an outdated vehicle back into the limelight.

What the outside promises with its look, the inside will deliver effortlessly. A cabin decked out in leather and wood showcases the elegance that comes only from a Jaguar. However, the look inside the vehicle goes far beyond the materials that are used. The controls are state of the art and attractive while still being fairly easy to use. There is ample room in the front, but those who haul backseat passengers often will want to upgrade to an XJL for the extra backseat space. Cargo space is at a minimum but it doesn't impact the overall function of the car.

Taking the Jaguar XJ Supercharged out for a drive will showcase what it does best. Speedy acceleration, powerful performance and optimal handling make it one of the best cars in the class. In fact, with the added benefits of the Supercharged there is very little that this vehicle will not do. Gripping the road is an effortless task and the quiet inside the cabin leaves passengers relaxed and enjoying the trip.

The engine is what truly sets the Jaguar XJ Supercharged apart from even its closest sibling. Under hood of this vehicle is a 5.0 liter 470 horsepower V8. Power is not an issue with this car as it accelerates up to sixty in right around four and a half seconds. This is right on par with sports sedans rather than typical luxury sedans. Like other XJ models, this one boasts a six speed automatic and rear wheel drive. Fuel economy doesn't suffer drastically from the powerful engine as the vehicle gets around 15 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway.

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Rating: 1.8/5
32 users voted