Used 2012 Infiniti G Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Infiniti G Sedan

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 Pros The dashboard screen on select Infiniti G Sedan models is in full color and is very easy to manage.

 Pros The buttons on the dashboard are clearly labeled.

 Pros The legroom in the vehicle is about the same no matter what model is used.

 Pros The dual exhaust on the Infiniti G Sedan has a chrome finish to it.

 Pros The Intelligent Key works well with all kinds of features. It works to start the car and even to adjust the windows. This is provided that the key that is used matches up with whatever car is being controlled.

 Pros Satellite radio support is available in all models.

 Pros All versions of the car can handle twenty gallons of fuel in the fuel tank. It can also handle standard fuel but it is best to get premium fuel to ensure that it can live up to its power.

 Cons The bottom part of the dashboard has too many small buttons that are easy to mix up.

 Cons The Infiniti G Sedan will get heavier as it works with more special features. It can get to be closer to 4,000 pounds in weight for some of the larger variants of the vehicle.

 Cons The buttons on the steering wheel are too small and are recessed in its body in some points.

 Cons There is a substantial difference between legroom in the front and back. The front has 43.9 inches of legroom while the back has only 34.7 inches to work with.

 Cons The special packages are not the same for both the G25 and G37. The G37 can handle the navigation package but the G25 does not.