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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Infiniti G Convertible

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The Infiniti G Convertible is a sleek, powerful two-door with easy handling and sporty look only rivaled by the BMW 3-series. Infiniti hasn't created a convertible in quite some time and has produced a vehicle that has not lost any of its high class appeal. The Infiniti G Convertible offers a powerful 330hp V6 engine with a powertrain ready to adapt to the quickness of its engine. Other Infiniti G models offer more horsepower but the Convertible has an extra payload of 450 pounds to contend with, also making the Infiniti G heavier and a bit slower on response times. Nevertheless, the Infiniti G Convertible is not a car to be taken for granted.

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The interior of the Infiniti G convertible is sharp and free flowing without appearing too bulky or busy. With leather seats and a three-spoke steering wheel, this vehicle gives a more luxury feel than the average sports car. With a new updated dashboard and center console, the interior is bound to look more upscale. The Infiniti G Convertible comes standard with MP3 sound system, cruise and climate controls and an easy to use navigation system. Along with an upgradable sound system, this luxury sports car has the entire feel to be a jaw dropper.

The engineers of the Infiniti G Convertible wanted it to feel like a coupe so the body was made very stern. Another downside to the convertible would be the lack of rear seat space and legroom. A passenger would feel restricted but overall, the convertible is meant for luxury and it certainly lives up to it. The stern body structure with its independent front and multi-link rear suspension makes the ride soft and free-flowing. The shock absorbers are dual path that helps create a bond that makes the vehicle handling effortless. The Infiniti G Convertible has a power-retractable hard top made of steel that can open and shut close to 30 seconds and offers a back-up camera.

The Infiniti G convertibles are to some extent luxurious, compared to similar vehicles such as the Nissan 370z. The entire G model line has wonderful driving dynamics. Similar vehicles in its class are priced a bit higher than the G Convertibles. They're a good choice for performance-oriented drivers.

In Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests, the G Convertible earns top 'good' scores in front and side impacts, though it gets only average in the seat-based rear-impact test and hasn't yet been rated in the new roof strength category. Standard equipment on G Convertible models includes dual front air and side seat-mounted airbags, additional curtain airbags, stability and traction controls, and active headrests. The G Convertible also is fitted with twin pop-up roll bars for added rollover safety. Adaptive cruise control, heated and cool seats, and "preview braking," which is a new system that uses sensors to help predict an impact and applies the brakes to reduce impact speeds, are additional options.

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Rating: 2.3/5
140 users voted