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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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If there is a competition among lower priced vehicles to find the one that exudes the most luxury and class, the Hyundai Genesis Sedan is the winner by a mile. Though this vehicle is not offered from one of the top of line carmakers, it fits right in against them. Both inside and out the Genesis is the epitome of lavishness and style. Buyers will benefit from a strong performance, comfortable interior and a look that will turn heads as they drive down the street. Even the standard features give the impression that one has spent far more money on this vehicle than is actually the case.

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The outward appearance is not the only thing that the Hyundai Genesis Sedan has going for it. The attraction that is brought from the outside will quickly be enhanced once the potential buyer sets foot inside the cabin. In fact, this car could easily compete against pricy luxury cars in terms of style and quality. Passengers will find the interior of the Genesis to be a bold statement in comfort and luxury. From high quality materials to seats that swaddle the passengers in comfort, there is little not to like about the cabin.

Drivers do not have to worry about learning complicated controls as everything in the Genesis is simple to understand and operate. The features available on even the base trim will turn heads, but those on the fully loaded version are comparable to today's luxury cars. Like most sedans, there is not an abundance of cargo room. However, there is plenty to take on what most people would use a car to haul around. There is even a pass-through in the rear seats if an item is longer than the trunk.

Fortunately, the Hyundai Genesis Sedan can also perform well out on the road. It has the capabilities needed to make the ride a truly pleasurable one. Drivers will find the handling excellent and the car easy to maneuver around. Since the Genesis comes with a choice of engines, there is also plenty of power behind it. Depending on the trim selected, the Genesis may just surprise buyers in speed potential. Not all sedans are capable of going as fast as the Genesis and it can make an interesting balance between the family car that one needs and the sports car that they actually want.

The engines available are what give the Hyundai Genesis Sedan its strong performance on the road. There are a few different engines that buyers can get depending on trim they have selected. The 3.8 trim will get the 3.8 liter 333 horsepower V6 with an eight speed automatic and rear wheel drive. This particular engine gets decent fuel economy at about 19 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. It also hits sixty mph in just under six and a half seconds. The 4.6 trim boasts, as may have been guessed, a 4.6 liter 378 horsepower V8. This trim has a lower fuel economy with the numbers being 17mpg city and 16 mpg on the highway. Moving up to either of the 5.0 trims will give the buyer pure speed. The engine on these is a 5.0 liter 429 horsepower V8. This engine hits sixty in a little over five seconds which is quick for a sedan. It doesn't lose much on the fuel economy with numbers of 16 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

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Rating: 2.5/5
33 users voted