Used 2012 Honda FCX Clarity Electric Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Honda FCX Clarity Electric Sedan

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 Pros Honda FCX Clarity is powered with a remarkable technology that is a world's first

 Pros FCX Clarity is the first every hybrid car with zero emission which helps lower the greenhouse gases that are dangerous to the environment.

 Pros The FCX Clarity's hydrogen motor is rated with high reliability, power and efficiency that is par compared to ordinary sedans of the same size.

 Pros The Honda FCX Clarity is fun to drive around with the smooth electric motor and groundbreaking fuel cell stack technology that powers the electric car.

 Pros Impressive safety features like Vehicle Stability Assist and the Collision Mitigation braking system

 Cons The 2012 Honda FCX Clarity electric sedan, just like any other hybrid cars introduced today, lacks the practicality of using them for everyday driving in the real world today. Fuel refilling stations are very limited which limits the use of hybrid cars.

 Cons FCX Clarity electric sedan can't compete with gas fueled sedans in terms of driving range.

 Cons The cabin space is limited because of the bulky battery packs that are equipped in the car.

 Cons Honda FCX Clarity electric sedan is only limited to countries like USA and Japan because of lack of hydrogen gas refueling stations that is currently not available worldwide.

 Cons The heavy body due to batteries placed in the cabin affects the performance of FCX Clarity. The ride handling is not as smooth as ordinary gas fueled sedans. The weight is also unevenly distributed because of the fuel cells.

 Cons Buying a diesel fueled sedan is a better choice compared to buying a hybrid car which is expensively priced if you want to own a practical car for everyday driving.