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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Honda Civic HF Sedan

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In order to truly battle with the competition, Honda needed a car that could outperform in fuel efficiency. That prompted the redesign and release of the Honda Civic HF Sedan. With an estimated top of 41 mpg, the HF does make it above the competition in terms of fuel economy. However, that benefit comes at a cost that might not be worth the savings. Considering that the HF model boasts no more special features than a traditional Civic LX, it might be easier on the budget to opt for it and lose the 2 mpg that would be gained with the HF.

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The Honda Civic HF Sedan does not stray from the basic design of the traditional Honda by much. In fact it is only a few minor features that are designed to maximize fuel efficiency that even allow this vehicle to stand out from the others at all. While the Civic has become a sort of icon in the small car market, the lack of impressive styling may have buyers choosing to go with competitors that continuously upgrade so that their cars are more modern and appealing to the masses.

What the Honda Civic HF Sedan lacks in outer upgrades it makes up for inside the cabin. While many find the outer appearance of the Civic line to be dated, the interior has a more modern feel to it. From the dash display with monitor to the expanded space for passengers, the Civic has realized that it is important to upgrade where it matters most. The dash is designed well with controls that are easy to access and use. Even the cargo space is ample after having grown slightly in recent years. The biggest problem with the interior is that it offers far too much plastic and that is not the case with much of the competition.

Where the Honda Civic HF Sedan truly shines is out on the road. Long considered the dominating force in smaller cars, not much has changed in performance. Owners can expect a smooth and comfortable ride that incorporates a little fun. While the engine is not large, neither is the vehicle so this is never an issue. There is plenty of power for what is needed. Though lightweight and easy to maneuver, buyers will be faced with more exterior noise than some of the competitors. Even so, the overall quality of the ride is what continues to draw customers to the Civic line after all of the years it has been available.

The Honda Civic HF Sedan boasts a small engine, but it does not need more than it has. The 1.8 liter 140 horsepower four cylinder is plenty powerful enough to handle the tasks assigned to this vehicle. Unlike other models of Civic, the HF comes standard with a five speed automatic. The biggest draw to this particular model of Honda Civic is the gas mileage. It is reputed to have as high as 29 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway. Though this is impressive, it is only slightly above the mpg offered on a standard Civic LX that costs quite a bit less.

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Rating: 2.8/5
50 users voted