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Honda Review

Japanese auto and motorcycle manufacturer Honda is not only known for its amazing vehicles; it has always stayed on the cutting edge of new technologies as well. Just ask the company about their amazing robot, ASIMO. But, let's move onto talking about the auto manufacturer's history before we discuss its present. For many years now, since its creation in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, to be precise, the Honda company has amazed drivers with reliable, quality vehicles that embody the ideal driving experience. Honda also gains points for having logical designs, a peppy spirit, and excellent safety ratings.

When Honda was formed, its original purpose was to build motorbikes. Japan was left derelict after the end of WWII, and Japanese citizens were looking for ways to travel inexpensively and efficiently. Honda latched onto these needs with its original efforts, which included putting engines on traditional bicycles to provide fast, cost-efficient transportation. These bikes soon didn't look like their original "stick-it" motorbikes. With Honda's 1949 D-Type, drivers could go up to 50 mph on a steel frame with rear and front suspensions. In the 1950s, Honda launched the Juno scooter, which stole business from popular bike company Vespa. The very popular C100 Super Cub (which was assessable to women, and was the first Honda sold in the U.S.- where the company established itself in 1959), and the first Honda cars (Formula One racers) in the 1960s allowed Honda to eventually import its first car to America, the small N600.

Honda had some troubles marketing itself at first, but when the Honda Civic was introduced in 1973, everything changed. The Civic was bigger than other Honda models (though still small compared to most American models) and it offered great fuel economy. It was also affordable for families. These factors added up to an outstandingly-successful model in the Honda Civic. The Honda Accord, which joined the Civic in 1976, also caught on rapidly in the States. By 1989, the Honda Accord was America's most popular car. With all of these successes, Honda decided to expand into a new luxury line- Acura, which still sells upscale vehicles today. The Honda company manages to crush the competition - which consists of American brands such as Ford and Chevrolet in addition to foreign companies like Japanese companies Nissan and Toyota and South Korean company Kia with its continuing focus on new technologies and its wide variety of vehicles. In fact, Honda has created the standard in many class segments, with models like the Accord and Civic leading the way.

Some of the most popular Honda models currently include: the Honda-CRV compact crossover SUV (which grows in its popularity with families more each day), the newest Honda Accord (which still leads in massive amounts of sales), the Honda Civic (which continues to be reliable and fun to drive, even as its name ages), the safety-focused Honda Pilot SUV, and the responsive, roomy and family-friendly Honda Odyssey minivan. All of these vehicles are sure to impress even the choosiest of drivers.