Used 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid Truck Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid Truck

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 Pros The most noteworthy advantage of the 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid is its fuel economy and when ranged with other pick-ups that are non-hybrid, the results of the GMC pick-up are astounding. Based on testing, the hybrid engine contributes to 21 miles per gallon for city driving and 22 miles per gallon for highway driving;

 Pros When the electric motor comes into action, the output for the two motors reach 379 horsepower;

 Pros An environment-friendly vehicle, which may be promoted by the green movement thanks to its efforts to reduce carbon footprint;

 Pros Safety-wise, the 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid hits a good note. On tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the vehicle scored "Good" for frontal protection and "Acceptable" for side protection.

 Cons Not much of a smart choice and investment for many pick-up buyers. Though it is packed with all the best features and the latest innovations, it is still a pricey move;

 Cons Drivers will also note the uneven power delivery of the pick-up. Since this is a Sierra, some buyers may probably think that they can rely on it when it comes to hauling and towing. Unfortunately, the towing capacity of the 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid is not something to be proud of;

 Cons Based on tests, the power can reach to 379 horses but during actual driving the power generated will be much less. The main contributor to this problem is the design of the powertrain. This can be validated when the vehicle is made to stop. There is a noticeable pause when it starts to move to the electric mode.