Used 2012 Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van

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Ford carved a path into a new industry when it released the Transit Connect van. A vehicle designed for deliveries and other business needs that was created for the small business person, the Connect managed to fit into an industry that had been left out in the vehicle world. Now the company has released an electric version. The Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van is the first fully electric commercial van that is geared towards the small business world. Those companies that find themselves traveling the same roads and dealing with constant traffic can easily benefit from this van in both financial and environmental ways.

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Though crafted as a small vehicle, the Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van offers ample cargo space inside. That doesn't mean that it can compete with the large cargo vans on the market. It was never intended to as it was designed for the small business market. The unique shape of the van is part of its appeal. It features flat sides that are designed for applying graphics and it is small enough to fit into parallel spaces efficiently. It boasts a low step-in height and a tall interior so that the space it offers is maximized for the best potential.

The cabin of the Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van is actually more comfortable than one might expect in a work van. It is much like driving a car based on the position of seating. There is nothing flashy or exciting in the interior. It has a purpose and the design inside was made for that. Controls are easy to use and the space is just right. Back in the cargo area there is ample space for the average small business. A low step-in height makes the best use of what space there is and the van can easily haul a havy load.

Driving the Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van is different than driving the gasoline powered version. It has a much quicker acceleration and a stronger performance on short distances. The handling is good and the choice of brake aggressiveness can aid in energy savings. It was never meant to drive for long distances and will never get more than 80 miles on a charge. It also cannot reach speeds higher than 75 mph. That said, those who generally drive around the city and have space and time to charge after driving will find the overall experience a positive one.

The Ford Transit Connect EV Electric Van is a completely electric vehicle. It has no gasoline powered engine to utilize. Instead it uses a 55 kilowatt electric drivetrain. The battery for this electric motor is extremely large and is located under the floor. At six hundred pounds this can drastically shift the weight of the vehicle and alter handling. The van cannot get more than eighty miles on a charge and the actual distance will depend greatly on how driving is done.

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Rating: 2.3/5
115 users voted