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When it comes to the compact pickup truck market, few are as well known as the Ford Ranger Truck. However, the Ranger is one of few vehicles where the recognition received does not indicate anything particularly special. Typically only Ford enthusiasts that want something more compact will be overly eager to make this purchase. Whether it is lack of updates or merely the desire for more modern features that dictate bypassing this selection, the simple fact is that most people will. It may be a name that is well-known, but competitors offer much more for the money spent on a new truck.

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One thing is certain when it comes to the Ford Ranger Truck. If a buyer has seen one, they have seen them all. The exterior of this truck hasn't seen a significant update in a very long time. It still holds the same basic design that it held a decade ago even though other trucks have revamped their outward appearance. The fact that it is small would not be nearly as detrimental to its success if it had updated and added such things as full rear doors and better second row seating. Failure to do so has left this model lingering in the dust of the competition.

Stepping inside the Ford Ranger Truck doesn't offer much more excitement than the outside. Buyers will find that the style is more along the lines of dismal and dull than enticing to anyone looking for modern conveniences. The control panel is easy to maneuver and use, but the remainder of the cabin leaves a lot to be desired. Space inside the cab is limited with even the front seats left without ample room for movement. The rear seats are better left unused or used only on a limited basis.

Taking the Ford Ranger Truck out on the road is about the only way to find some minor satisfaction with it. It offers just enough get up and go to achieve the job at hand, but even that isn't on par with other trucks in the class. There are a couple of engines and the larger one does offer a bit more gusto, but neither leaves the driver excited and looking for more. Performance isn't all bad, but with contenders that leave the Ranger behind it is easy to see why most have chosen to bypass this outdated vehicle.

There are two available engines for the Ford Ranger Truck and the one that owners get is dependent on the trim that is selected. Gas mileage is much better on the standard 2.3 liter, 143 horsepower inline-4 engine. This particular engine can be paired with the five speed manual that is standard or owners can opt for a five speed automatic. There is simply no choice but rear wheel drive available. A change of trim upgrades to a 4.0 liter, 207 horsepower engine that offers a bit more power, but the gas mileage may suffer. This engine gets mated with rear wheel drive and the five speed manual. Those who prefer can get a four wheel drive, five speed automatic.

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Rating: 2.8/5
35 users voted