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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Daihatsu Gran Max Van Truck

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Daihatsu have earned themselves a reputation over the years as producers of micro cars and vans, of the latter category there undoubtedly best known was the Hi-Jet which had been in production since the early nineteen sixties. Throughout its long career, the Daihatsu Hi-jet was constantly confused with and compared to Toyota's Hi-ace and Hi-Lux, and that may have been the reason why, in 2007, Daihatsu decided to relaunch their ever popular micro van under the title of the Gran Max Van.

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For 2012 the Daihatsu Gran Max Van Truck comes in either mini bus or a two seater pick- up truck with either version powered by a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder 16 valve engine generating a moderate 94 horsepower and 99.1 pounds per feet of torque paired with a six speed automatic transmission as standard.

Creating a classic dual purpose vehicle on the same chassis is never an easy task. However Daihatsu have plunged all of their decades of experience in the mini-van and truck production industry into creating a first class vehicle in the Gran Max Van Truck.

Comfortable to drive with a front suspension on Macpherson struts topped up with coil springs and five ply leaf springs in the rear, the Grand Max in mini-van format will carry five people in comfort or in one of the many truck configurations that it can be tailor constructed to, will carry a dead weight of up to one ton. For such a hard working van the Daihatsu leaves a very small footprint, being just 147 inches long with a wheel base of only 93 inches as well as a convenient loading height of a mere 29 inches. The mini-van version comes with a load deck of 80 inches long and 65 inches wide.

Daihatsu have tailor designed their Gran Max to be a working truck and comfortable people carrier, with a low loading deck floor, thanks to the thirteen inch standard size wheels as well as back and side drop down flaps for ease of access. Add to that the presence of a sturdy rear axle and a minimum of wheel house intrusion then you will know that Daihatsu have put together a light van capable of carrying a heavy work load.

The Daihatsu Gran Max Van Truck also can be ordered as a five seater mini-bus, with this compact people carrier being one of the few in its class and its size that can claim to have sliding rear doors on both of its sides for easy access. Daihatsu have also revamped the Gran Max's side door sliding capabilities and with the mini-van's comfortable height of around seventy inches, and low wheel base there is no need to stoop or crouch when entering. When inside the back seat passengers will enjoy ample head and leg room. The Gran Max's rear seat will also fold forward to allow considerable cargo storage.

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Rating: 2.5/5
210 users voted