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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Daihatsu Cuore Hatchback

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Rating: 2.6/5
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The Cuore has been driven around the world's highways in one form or another and under a variety of nom-de-plumes since the mid-1960s. Launched by Japanese mini car giant Daihatsu as an alternative to the iconic UK Morris Mini, the Cuore and its clones have been sold in their millions since then, and it is now up to its Seventh Series.

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The Series Seven Daihatsu Cuore Hatchback has been around since 2007, with just a few minor cosmetic changes to talk of since then. With no pretensions to be the best looking car on the road, the Cuore has a round semi bland appearance with the minimum of exterior trim. It may not be the most attractive car on the road, but most are not purchasing one for its curb appeal.

The latest version of the Cuore hatchback comes as either a three-door or five-door hatchback, and is powered by a three cylinder 660 cc 70 horsepower engine, which is paired with a fun to drive, five-speed manual transmission.

The suspension for the Cuore is based around Daihatsu's familiar formula of Macpherson struts, large diameter front and rear stabilizers, as well as front and rear gas shock absorbers, meaning that the car is capable of absorbing the most severe bumps. This dictates to a smooth and enjoyable ride for all passengers

The three door version of the Cuore is really short, around 120 inches while the five door version at 140 inches can sit two passengers in the back seat, but at a pinch. This is not a vehicle that has been built for carrying too much in the way of cargo; the Cuore's maximum baggage space is around 10-cubic-feet. Even folding the passenger's seats forward (which you can't do with the three door version) will only add a few more cubes.

The 1 liter engine is responsive and corners great. You can't complain about 35 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway! This car may not offer all the speed you want, but it sure is fun to drive! It is reliable and super inexpensive and those who have one say they just never seem to fail them. Despite all the great reviews though, there are a few downfalls. The rid is definitely bouncy; it certainly doesn't scream luxury. There is also a lot of engine noise and higher speeds and suspension problems have been a concern. Aside from these issues, drivers tend to keep these cars for an extremely long time, which is why it's so hard to find used ones being sold.

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Rating: 2.6/5
58 users voted