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Trims & Features of the 2012 Citroen Nemo Van

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Whatever you size you will find that the driver's seat will accommodate you with ease, the man we picked on to test the Citroen Nemo Van was well over 6 feet in height and weighed more than 240 lbs; he did not have a problem. The room in the cabin itself is spacious and very comfortable. Add to that the space you have in the back (without laying the passenger seat flat) which is 2.5 cubic meters. If you do happen to need to lie the passenger seat flat then the loading space increases to 2.8 cubic meters, enough for a pretty heavy load.

The Citroen Nemo Van has a 1.4 liter engine which is HDi and an output of 70 hp; this will accommodate anyone that runs a small business and needs the perfect runaround for making deliveries. Whatever your trade, whether it be that you run a florist or are a builder that requires materials to be loaded on a daily basis, the Citroen Nemo Van will be perfect for you. Given the overall size of this van, you will eliminate the problem of parking. This is especially important if you happen to be someone that needs to make a large number of deliveries per day and you work in a busy city where parking can be a major headache. For example, if you need to make deliveries to various different retail establishments, you need to be able to park as close to the shop front as possible. With the Citroen Nemo Van, you can take advantage of parking spaces that may well deter other van drivers that have vehicles that are not so compact.

Do you need your van to advertise your business? If so, the Citroen Nemo Van is perfect when it comes to sign writing. Citroen thought about this when designing the vehicle and the panels on both sides are flat. This enables you to have it sign written much more cheaply as there are no curves or hard lines for the painter to deal with. Not only do you have the perfect little runaround but it will also save you money on advertising, an idea I happen to think is genius and something I doubt that other manufacturers have thought of.

Our team member managed to put at least 800 miles on the clock whilst using the Citroen Nemo Van over the course of 2 weeks. Most of the driving that he did was on the highway; we all know that background noise can be a real pain when driving on the highway; not with the Citroen Nemo Van. We found that there was no need to turn up the stereo to full blast just in order to hear the music you're are playing or your favorite radio station. Considering that this little van has no bulk head, this is some mean feat.

Going back to the seating, our driver reported that he did not have any trouble at all when it came to comfort on long journeys. Some journeys made were in excess of 100 miles and when arriving at said destination there was not an issue with being stiff or having to take a long hard stretch to loosen up your muscles.

If you are someone who does drive a van on a daily basis and you work in a busy area when it comes to the roads, no doubt, using a clutch is the main issue you have. Constantly having to use the clutch can cause a fair amount of stress on your leg and at the end of the day, your other half will probably spend at least 30 minutes trying to massage the ache away. With the Citroen Nemo Van, you will not have this problem. It does cost extra, however in my opinion is worth the money; you can have a gear box that works with the latest technology called "SensoDrive". Having this type of gear box will basically change your van from a manual to an automatic. Say goodbye to that aching leg at the end of the day!

Fuel consumption when you have the automatic gear box is expected to be reduced by at least 3%, yet again saving you money. CO2 emissions are also well within the legal limits and will not pose you a problem.

All in all, say goodbye to the cumbersome small van that can be difficult to drive, hard to park and is noisy when you're on the highway. The Citroen Nemo Van is the perfect little van (and I use the word "little" lightly) for anyone who needs a van to go about their daily business.

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Rating: 2.2/5
34 users voted