Used 2012 Citroen DS4 Coupe Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Citroen DS4 Coupe

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With the creation of the C5 Estate, Citreon entered into the luxury vehicle market. The Citreon DS4 Coupe is another entry into that class. If judging merely by appearance the DS4 has plenty to offer the market. It has a stylish exterior and a luxurious interior that can easily appeal to the masses. Add to this a refinement and sophistication that is exceptional in this class of vehicles and which gives the DS4 an edge in the market. Fortunately, the performance also measures up wihch adds to the value of the coupe.

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Outward appearances of the Citreon DS4 Coupe have turned many heads. With a styling that has already won awards, the DS4 is definitely considered beautiful in its class. It has a compact vehicle design that incorporates such modern technology as LED lights on the front. It is finished in chrome trim and boasts tinted windows and large wheels. When people buy a luxury vehicle they expect to gain the attention of those around them when driving it. The DS4 does exactly that. Passersby will take notice of the vehicle instantly.

The cabin of the Citreon DS4 Coupe is plush with luxury and technolgical features, and is as striking as the exterior. With a design that is both luxurious and refined, the interior of the DS4 exudes power and class. There is plenty of space for passengers and innovative design cues have helped make it as beautiful and lavish as it is. The windshield is panoramic and that offers more visibility in all directions, including up. There are five different leather choices so that the style inside the vehicle can be designed based on the preferences of the owner. There is even some chrome trim throughout the cabin to add to the luxury.

Driving the Citreon DS4 Coupe is as thrilling as sitting inside the cabin. It offers sensations from the drive that are not found in another vehicle of any class. The speed of the vehicle will depend greatly on which of the five engines is selected by the buyer. Still each of them offer ideal handling that allows drivers to take corners effortlessly and zip through the roadways with little to no thought. The DS4 ensures that passengers are not the only ones satisfied with the experience. Drivers find it just as exciting.

There are three gasoline and two diesel powered engines available for the Citreon DS4 Coupe. All of the gasoline powered engines are four cylinders. The base engine is a VTi 120 that offers up around 118 horsepower. It has variable valve timing. The second is a turbocharged version of the same engine. It offers around 154 horsepower and is put together with a six speed manual. The third is the THP 200 and is also supercharged. It offers up 160 horsepower. The diesel engines are the HDi 110 and the HDi 160. Both are four cylinder. The first offers about 109 horsepower and the second offers 160 horsepower.

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Rating: 2.1/5
40 users voted