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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe

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Yet again Citroen have excelled when it comes to design and technical ability. The brand new Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe has got people drooling at the prospect of giving it a test drive. The people responsible for this incredibly sporty car work within the Citroen racing department. The cost of this car will probably make you gag a little as it has hit the market at just over US$35,000, however, in my opinion it is worth it. The Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe is actually a newer version of the DS3 hatchback and Citroen have really gone to town on the design.

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The height of the body in the Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe has been lowered by 0.59 inches or 15mm and the suspension has been re-vamped so that it is stiffer. The rear and front tracks have been widened by 1.18 inches or 30mm allowing for greater grip to the road. The discs on the front brakes are now 12.7 inches or 323mm in diameter and are clamped by using 4 piston calipers. The wheels on this vehicle are 18 inches and have been developed using a technology by the name of "reverse rim". This actually makes them look as if they are actually 19 inches and allows for much improved distribution of weight.

The electronics relating to the chassis have been calibrated in order for you turn off the ESP which is the opposite of how a normal car would work. Even without this type of help the Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe has plenty of traction. The chassis itself appears really flexible. If you lift the throttle whilst turning a corner, you will find that this car sticks to the road like glue. Given the new technology that has been used in developing the brakes, this is something you will almost definitely notice when driving your new coupe.

The engine on the Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe has not been over looked when designing this vehicle. It does come with a turbo engine which is 1.6 in size, this type of engine is already installed in many other models of Citroen vehicles, however, in this model, and it has been tweaked so that you can achieve 200bhp. Along with this, the power steering has also been improved to elevate that perfect driving experience, you really get the feel when driving this coupe and this adds to the enjoyment of your drive.

Of course, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are important to all of us these days when deciding on the vehicle we wish to purchase. The Citroen DS3 Racing Sports Coupe will not disappoint there. You can expect to get 40gpm and the CO2 emissions are well within the legal limits that most countries have in place.

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Rating: 2.6/5
36 users voted