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Trims & Features of the 2012 Citroen DS3 Coupe

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The Citroen DS3 Coupe comes with 3 doors, a hatchback and underneath, you will find a range of engines and steel rear suspension that is twist beam in design. The roof, which has been described as "floating" is not unlike that of the Fiat Punto model which was produced in 1993. Overall, the design when you look at the car appears sleek and modern. It is certainly an eye catcher which you will find that people will want to look at not just once but twice. This car will suit anyone who is conscious about how they look when they are on the road.

The roof for instance, is available in 4 different colors, white, sky blue, and maroon and black. There are also a number of options available to you when you are looking at the finish you would like on the wheels and door mirrors. Moving to the inside of the car, the options are endless. You can choose from an astounding 8 different colors for the dashboard and can have the gear knob to match. Roof stickers are also available (if you are that way inclined) and there are 4 of these to choose from to complete the whole overall ensemble. With the seating you can have leather with trim which is available at 3 levels and in a variety of colors.

Do bear in mind that the options detailed above come at a price but not a massively high one. Many of us invest in a car for the long term and are prepared to spend that little bit extra to get exactly what we want from it.

The seats themselves in the Citroen DS3 Coupe are perfectly wonderful! They hug the figure and at the same time are comfortable and supportive, perfect for that long journey ahead. There is also plenty of space to store your knick knacks; however the arm rest which is in the center obscures the hand brake. The seats in the rear of the car are accommodating however, if you tip at 6 feet or more, the leg room will require you to ask the person in the front to move their seat forward a tad. The boot for the Citroen DS3 Coupe is large enough so that you can get your luggage in when going on a long haul flight.

When it comes to the engine, you will most certainly not be disappointed. With low revs and high torque tension you will not believe that it is a mere 1,600cc. It is a powerful engine and highly refined, however, does not compromise on economic fuel consumption. You will expect to get at least 40mpg when on a long journey. This helps with the gear box which is 6 speeds and has been described as incredibly slick when shifting up or down the gears.

The suspension has been tweaked by Citroen and from the off you will notice what a great job they have done here. The steering has also been improved so that you if you are someone that really enjoys driving and wants to get a real feel from your car journey it will pass that experience on to you. The chassis has been built to enable you to corner more easily when lifting off the throttle at the same time.

Do remember, that as usual Citroen have built reliability into the Citroen DS3 Coupe and it will not let you down, if you are someone that drives about town or even someone that commutes a fair distance by car, whatever the weather, you will have no need to worry that the engine will fail on you.

One comment that has recently been bandied around was made by the boss of design within Jaguar and he was reported as saying "thank the Lord that Citroen have started to put weird stuff on their dashboards again" (or words to that effect). The Citroen DS itself has been around for some time now, however, people have passed comment that there is nothing more you could do to improve it; in fact, it would be a task tantamount to re-painting the Mona Lisa! Well, Citroen have managed to complete this enormous feat with the Citroen DS3 Coupe.

Some may describe the Citroen DS3 coupe as a "super mini". This is not an insult; rather, more of a compliment as Citroen has managed to improve on this age old household name that is well known across the world.

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Rating: 2.4/5
47 users voted