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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Citroen Dispatch Van

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Rating: 2.2/5
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The Citroen Dispatch Van is a commercial van manufactured by the French car company, Renault. The Dispatch Van is designed for comfort and safety as well as its drivability. It has an aerodynamic look to it and has wide moldings that will help prevent impact. The Dispatch can be converted to a freezer van quite easily, which gives it more versatility. With a freezer converted unit you would be able to haul perishable goods, making this an ideal little business van for any restaurant, grocery store outlet or dairy company.

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The Citroen Dispatch Van is larger than a compact van but not as big as other panel vans. For this reason, it was not considered a light commercial vehicle. It is more like a car than a van. They are able to fit under height restricted areas such as underground parking lots with no problems, making it easy for delivery drivers to get into those tight spaces with it. The Citroen Dispatch van is also good for delivery drivers with the capability of having it load from the side doors. The driver's seat sits low and this is ideal for delivery drivers who have to climb in and out of the van all day long. It makes it easier on his back and legs and he will appreciate this after a few months of having to climb in and out of it.

The Citroen Dispatch Van is a very good choice for a small business or even large business that would require a fleet of them. It would be a very practical and also economical choice. In 2008 the Citroen Dispatch Van was awarded the International Van of the Year award. That proves that it is definitely a van worth considering to purchase. The Dispatch Van will have many uses for any business. It is good that the brake and suspension system are reliable because you want a good reliable vehicle for either yourself or your employees to be driving in. This van makes it nice to drive for long distances or locally.

The Citroen Dispatch Van is not a vehicle intended to take your Grandmother out for her Sunday drive. However, it is intended to work as a work horse. It is tough and durable and it is a van you can count on when you need to get a job done. Anyone that is looking to purchase a commercial vehicle right now should definitely consider the Citroen Dispatch Van. They would be very happy in their choice as it will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

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Rating: 2.2/5
32 users voted