Used 2012 Citroen C5 Tourer Wagon Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Citroen C5 Tourer Wagon

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Citreon began as a budget automaker until the creation of the C5. It was with this vehicle that the company decided to take the next step and try and match the models of higher end brands. When it comes to outward appearance, technology and comfort, the C5 definitely keeps up. It also seems to match the price point of the more luxurious competitor vehicles making it only an option for those looking to spend more on their vehicle. The thought then is whether it would be better to opt for a more well-known and luxurious brand over the Citreon C5 Tourer Wagon.

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Though the company is French, the Citreon C5 Tourer Wagon is styled in a way to compete with its German adversaries. The box style of the wagon takes on a more German flair than the French stylings that one would expect from the company. This has been a sore spot for those who are fans of the company and its unique designs. Still it offers just the right touch of detailing and sleek style to make it as attractive as the high end cars it is competing with.

One thing that Citreon has always had going for it was the reputation of luxury and comfort inside the cabin. The Citreon C5 Tourer Wagon is no exception to that with it's spacious interior full of high quality materials. The seats are comfortable and offer plenty of space for even the tallest of drivers. The biggest problem that drivers will find inside the vehicle is the control panel. The layout leads to confusion and frustration when behind the wheel. It was not designed to be user-friendly and it shows when it comes time to utilize the controls. The features available are great, but using them takes a strict exercise in patience.

Driving the Citreon C5 Tourer Wagon is about as forgettable as it can get. The engine gets to the speed that is needed, but there is little to no excitement behind the wheel. Steering does not seem to be a problem if drivers can handle receiving virtually no feedback from the road during the process. While it is easy to maneuver and definitely gets the passengers from Point A to Point B, many of the models that this wagon competes with offer a much more enticing driving experience.

Under the hood of the Citreon C5 Tourer Wagon beats the heart of the vehicle, and the reason why it seems to be lacking on the road. It only holds a turbocharged 134 horsepower four cylinder. The fact that the engine is mated to a six speed automatic helps it to achieve a better feel. Still it takes the vehicle 13.3 seconds to reach a little over sixty miles per hour. That is slow even for this class. It does excel in fuel consumption as it gets a whopping 32 miles per gallon.

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Rating: 2.2/5
46 users voted