Used 2012 Citroen C1 Hatchback Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Citroen C1 Hatchback

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If you are looking for a car that is not only fun to drive, but won't break the bank to buy or operate, then look no further than the Citroen C1 Hatchback. This car is as suitable for people with a family as it is for a single person as it comes in three and five door models, which much more cargo space than you think. If you happen to be a professional who is on the road a lot when it comes to traveling across a busy city or town, it will suit you quite well. If you run a business that offers company cars to its executives, then the Citroen C1 Hatchback is perfect, as it is sure to come to the market at a highly competitive price.

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As the population is well aware, fuel prices have soared in the last few years, so filling your tank is no longer as cheap as it once was. Manufacturers are bearing this in mind when it comes to producing new models. Citroen is no exception; this little vehicle around equipped with a 1-liter engine that takes unleaded fuel. It has been built with fuel consumption in mind. If you are using your Citroen C1 Hatchback for urban driving then you will expect to gain at least 5.5 miles to the gallon from your car. If you are driving in an inter-urban area the consumption is expected to be around 4.1 miles to the gallon. When mixing urban and inter-urban driving the fuel consumption will raise to 4.6 miles to the gallon which many other small cars cannot compete with. When comparing this to other vehicles of this size, their consumption of fuel can be as much as six times more!

The Citroen C1 Hatchback is sporty on the outside and attractive on the inside. The eco-friendly three-cylinder engine provides 68 bhp, with a manual transmission. It essentially sets the standard when it comes to fuel consumption and emissions. An electronic gearbox system provides an alternative for great maneuverability as well.

Safety was at the top of the list when Citroen designed the C1 Hatchback. It is jam-packed with safety features, including ABS, airbags, ISOFIX anchor points, emergency braking assist, corner stability control, electronic brakeforce distribution and optional ESP. This is a vehicle that is as safe to drive as it is fun. If you don't need a ton of power for accelerating or towing, the Citroen offers just about everything that the average driver needs in a day-to-day vehicle.

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Rating: 2.6/5
30 users voted