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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Chrysler Town and Country Van

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Long considered one of the Chrysler Group's leading franchises, this 2012 model of the Town and Country Van lives up to Chrysler's reputation for providing big, comfy family vehicles that don't break the bank. 'Practical' and 'luxurious' were presumably the watchwords for Chrysler when designing this latest iteration of the Town and Country Van and it does not disappoint: offering a practical and safety conscious ride with a host of extras and a lavish, spacious interior that will impress friends, kids and even any sumo wrestlers that might be on board.

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Long gone is the old fashioned wood-stained exterior that aimed to imply this van was for the rugged outdoors and not neighborhood cruising. The 2012 Town and Country Van, like the previous 2009 model, is unashamedly suburban and sports a modern, if slightly boxy, exterior with a pleasing front grille and sizeable windshield. Inside, as well as being amazingly roomy, the Chrysler Town and Country Van is impressively hi-tech. The seats can be flat folded for additional space and the wealth of amenities, outlined below, have reviews gushing over its technological sophistication. What it lacks, in comparison to competing models of minivan, is refined performance.

The minivan market has become extremely competitive, so much so that only the cream of the crop have survived. Accordingly, it might be said that any minivan currently on the market might suit your needs well and the sole remaining criteria is down to personal choice about the style of vehicle. That said, the Toyota Sienna is currently at the top of the class when it comes to minivans, reviews state. The option of a six cylinder engine pushes it ahead of the Town and Country Van in terms of power, and it doesn't lack any of the nifty features the Town and Country Van includes as standard. The 2012 Dodge Caravan is also a contender, while the Volkswagen Routan has been credited in reviews as the most stylish ride in the minivan market.

Overall, the Town and Country van is a fine, yet unremarkable, addition to the current lineup of luxury family minivans. However, it is also pricey compared to its competitors, retailing at around $30,000 - $40,000 depending on the trim level. If the rear seat split DVD system as standard can keep your screaming kids pacified, however, that might be an extra few thousand dollars well spent.

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Rating: 2.1/5
47 users voted