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There can be very few cars that signify the great days of the US Car industry than Chevrolet Corvette which was first released way back in 1955. Now in its six versions, the Corvette Convertible retains its standard two doors, two passenger format, without making any attempt to squeeze two passengers into the back. The Corvette was and is a classic sports car, yet the subtle difference with the Corvette and many of its iconic rivals is that the price tag was never as eye watering as its stylish good looks.

Despite its modest price tag, the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible comes with a load of power under the hood with even the standard version equipped with a 6.2 liter, V8 engine generating 430 horsepower engine paired with a six speed manual transmission. Those few drivers who want the Corvette but don't want to be involved in the mundane act of changing gears can opt for six speed automatic transmission that comes with an overdrive feature.

The story with the Corvette Convertible has always been that Chevrolet always placed a little more emphasis on functionability and a little less on good looks. With the 2012 version, and thanks to tremendous developments in technology going on in the car making world, Chevrolet have succeeded in combing both better than they have ever done in the past. In simpler terms, the Corvette Convertible is a looker, with a hood that bulgingly emanates power, set off by chrome fenders and headlamps and fog lamps all coordinated into an exciting frontal design. The side view is equally dramatic, marked by creases flush with the front wheel arches, giving the impression that the Corvette is about to pull away, and at speed. For most people the longest look that they get of a Corvette is when it pulls away at speed. And the rear view of the Corvette Convertible will be of its now trademark set of quadruple round taillights.

The Corvette Convertible's very unique style which has made it attractive to young men throughout the six decades that it has been on the road, Unlike many of its modern day rivals, the Chevrolet Corvette is a true convertible, with a real soft top, and not one of these automatically retractable types that open and close at the touch of a switch. The Chevy version is old school that means stopping the car, getting out folding the fabric roof into the boot and enjoying the sun's rays. There are those who say that a fabric roof belongs in the car museums, while thankfully there are more who insist that it a very major part of the Corvette's charm.

The young men (or women) who have been buying Corvettes since the fifties have never been too worried to ask about traditional considerations like head room, leg room or how much shopping they can fit in the trunk. The answers to the first two questions would be more than adequate and to the third would be "depends if the sun is shining."

The reason for that answer would have to be because when the Corvette's fabric roof is folded safely in the trunk, half of the maximum eleven cube storage space goes with it.

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Rating: 2.3/5
97 users voted