Used 2011 Cadillac STS Sedan Trims & Features

Trims & Features of the 2011 Cadillac STS Sedan

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The six speed automatic transmission - PAS stands for Performance Algorithm Shifting allows easy and demonstrates smooth maneuvers using an electronic transmission controller which overrides the automatic gear selection. With this high-lateral acceleration, it is like driving without any effort at all. The Cadillac STS can sprint from 0 to 60 in a matter of 4/10 seconds; can cover a quarter of in just 14 and 9/10 seconds. When you opt for the Cadillac STS's top speed, it can go as much as 97 miles per hour.

Another intriguing feature is the Driver Shift Control which is managed using the six-speed automatic. This means that the user can easily use manual gear shifting without using the clutch pedal. Over and above, the famous rear-wheel drive or better known as All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is also available in the Cadillac STS complete with an electronic stability control system.

Adding up to this impressive sedan package are its premium advanced technology features which makes it even more delightful. The surround system and touch-screen navigation give it an extra dose of luxury. To help maintain a level ride when it is loaded with cargo or passengers, the Cadillac STS has automatic rear level control which adjusts itself. This also comes with integrated air bladders for better shock absorption. People who want a sporty Cadillac look will be glad to see the deckled spoiler also included in this car.

For better driving purposes, head lamps are on high-density discharge complete with intelligent beam. This automatically turns the beams on high and even switches itself to low, especially when other headlamps are detected. These come with washers which keep the lenses clean.

Another notable feature of Cadillac STS is its intelligent design from engine power to its superb driving maneuvers. One will no more worry about muddy roads since the sedan can easily overcome traction by using its power to direct the wheel. The brakes are even made to envy other models since it is resistant to fading and can dissipate heat more effectively. That's putting the automobile on performance-level driving. The built-in cooling system also helps out in doing this. For seamless and quiet driving, the premium quality of Servotonic enables this sedan to perform at its best while suppressing and minimizing engine noise. To seal the package with great-looking accessories, 18" Chrome wheels are used for a stunning look and to facilitate a smooth driving experience.

One of the amazing qualities of Cadillac STS is its advanced feature such as Side Blind Zone alert. This comes in a highly-advanced Driver Awareness Package which caters to the side of the vehicle. When looking for a sharp luxury vehicle with advanced and intelligent features, the Cadillac STS is clearly a good choice this 2012.

Rate this model Rate this Model:

Rating: 2.0/5
33 users voted