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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Buick Lacrosse Sedan

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Buick has only started to seriously change their image for the better in the past couple of years. It used to be perceived as an "old person's" car but since the introduction of the LaCrosse sedan's post-transformation model two years ago that has changed substantially. This is great news for Buick and it is possible that the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly happened just in the nick of time for GM. There is no doubt that the line had some serious issues to contend with and rather than succumb to mediocrity once again it decided to tackle the challenges head on. The end result was a significantly enhanced vehicle that brought Buick back into modern times with its fiercest competitors. The 2012 LaCrosse continues this tradition of new found quality by offering contemporary looks with a classy interior that will impress even the most finicky buyer. Of course the laudable ride and handling are also crucial players in the success of the luxury sedan.

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In terms of the 2012 Buick LaCrosse sedan's changes from the previous model year, there are new engine choices and some modifications to the trims being offered. That means you can rest assured that the bold exterior styling, set off by an attention-grabbing chrome grille, will still turn heads when you roll up into the parking lot of your local shopping spots. The sweeping front headlights look appropriate in the way they frame the grille perfectly. Moving inside the cabin you will see where the LaCrosse really shines in the looks department. Buick has used luxurious materials that cover virtually every surface you come into contact with. The lines flow with ease and scream sophistication at every curve and dip. One of the truly dynamic aspects of the interior is the novel yet handy LED lighting that dots the cabin. It will not only illuminate effectively but also adds an air of expense and the bulbs will undoubtedly last the life of the car without needing to be replaced. Nice touch! While some will be content to sit back and enjoy the ride, others will certainly make great use of the technology which includes entertainment products like video screens and safety features like a backup camera. Unfortunately that camera will come in really handy due to the limited visibility offered by the LaCrosse. The trunk could also use some extra volume but other than these two missteps this is definitely a very impressive sedan.

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Rating: 2.2/5
34 users voted