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Trims & Features of the 2012 BMW M3 Convertible

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The BMW M3 convertible sports keyless entry and ignition, opting instead for a slot type key fob and a start/stop button. This intelligent car can even allow you access to automatic control so that the fob remains within your pocket and it senses your approach and unlocks the doors and adjusts the driver's seat. The retractable metal hardtop splits into three and folds to stow away into the trunk. This process as well as getting it back on takes a mere 22 seconds at the touch of a button.

7-speed, double clutch gearbox or straightforward manual transmission is available to give the individual driver the personalized driving choice and experience. The BMW M3 convertible's top speed of 155 mph is electronically monitored and regulated so that the convertible, like other M3 members retain BMW's safety integrity.

When it comes to steering and road handling, the M3 convertible is a breeze with its electronically controlled dynamic stability control system, sophisticated power steering and throttle control. The central console contains controls for driver assist power steering, which is an additional safety feature. In some situations, the M3 senses the conditions and adjusts to ensure self preservation.

BMW M3 convertible's antilock braking system (ABS) and larger ventilated brake discs give the M3 safer and more efficient braking. Another feature of the braking system is the power regenerating equipment, normally found in hybrid cars. This gadget utilizes the power produced in the braking action to help recharge the battery. It also disconnects the alternator during periods of extreme acceleration and cruising. The M3 has a start/ stop feature that gives it an anti free-roll functionality, when the car is packed on a gradient.

To accommodate the wider sporty wheels of the M3, the fenders are wider and flared. This is true for the convertible which also features characteristic gill slits. The M3 convertible, like others in the line is appointed with forgo fog lights, while the hood exudes a well pronounced bubble that keeps the engine underneath well ventilated. Interestingly, the hood is made from the a weighty aluminum, which together with carbon fiber have been used in the fabrication of the relatively lighter M3. The overall result is a more efficient breed of cars that attain relative low fuel economy.

There is a choice of trims including wood, brushed aluminum and carbon leather. These make the BMW M3 convertible interior cozy with predominantly white on black instrument panel and red pointers. It also features a high grip small diameter leather steering wheel with controls for the integrated sound system and the option of phone control. This enhances driver comfort and control and contributes to better driving safety. The seats on the convertible are bucket style with superior quality body hugging foam that offers extra upper body support when maneuvering corners at high speeds. The characteristic M is embossed throughout the cabin in BMW's red, blue and white to give this interesting convertible a distinct BMW feel.

BMW M3 convertible, like the other members of the M3 line has many optional features that are available. These can be customized to individual customer's taste. However, with or without these extras, the BMW M3 affords driving pleasure that is clearly over and above ordinary and is only comparable to top range pure bred sports cars.

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Rating: 2.4/5
79 users voted