Used 2012 BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan

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Alpina and BMW formed a partnership after decades of Alpina working on BMWs to add to their speed and performance. The BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan is a result of that partnership. The goal is a vehicle that performs better and yet still has the same comfort and style that BMW is known for. The companies achieved this goal by taking an already powerful BMW model and enhancing it so that it could achieve more and still be just as luxurious as before. While keeping the overall style of the BMW, Alpina added a few things to make these vehicles stand out from the traditional models available.

When it comes to the BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan, buyers will notice the difference right away in the styling that comes with the car. The coloring, spoilers and even the wheels all tell the owner that this vehicle combines the best of Alpina with the best of BMW. The same is true underneath the hood. Simply put, the engine and transmission offer far more power than one would traditionally find in a sedan from the BMW family. Fortunately, the price tag did not increase. In fact, one may find that the Alpina sedan costs a bit less than some other sedans.

The interior of the BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan is just as exciting as what lies under the hood. Like most BMW models the Alpina boasts a cabin full of luxurious leather and wood accents. The space allotted in both the front and the rear means that passengers will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. Plenty of leg and headroom are available and owners can even opt for such luxuries as heated and cooling seats. The Alpina name will still be in mind, however, as one locates several of their own signature styles throughout the cabin.

The good news is that the power of the BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan means that it can go, and go fast. The better news is that this power does not sacrifice the smooth ride that one expects from a BMW. Even though the Alpina Sedan is among the fastest and most powerful in the luxury sedan class, it still gives drivers and riders a comfortable and peaceful ride. It accelerates fast enough to shock even the most prepared rider, but it handles well enough to make it a viable daily driver.

The combination of BMW and Alpina is seen most when you lift the hood. The twin turbo 4.4 liter V8 that powers the sedan boasts a whopping 500 horsepower to help it win the title as most powerful luxury sedan. This engine is mated with a six speed automatic transmission that has a manual shift control. It comes with rear wheel drive as standard, but buyers can choose to opt for an all wheel drive model. The power is seen in the acceleration as the Alpina makes it to sixty mph in less than five seconds. Even though it is so strong and commanding, the gas mileage is still fairly decent. The BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan gets 14 mpg in both rear and all wheel drive with 22 mpg on the highway in rear wheel drive and 20 mpg on the highway in all wheel drive.

Like most BMW models the BMW 7 Series Alpina Sedan offers a wealth of safety features. Whether owners want simple features such as antilock brakes or a wide assortment of airbags, the Alpina sedan has them available as standard fare. There are also extra features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and even vameras in the rear and on the sides. These features ensure that drivers are as safe as possible and there is less likelihood of an accident when driving the BMW.

Rate this model Rate this Model:

Rating: 2.3/5
52 users voted