Used 2011 Bentley Mulsanne Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

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 Pros Of all the cars that gather respect for the owner, the Bentley Mulsanne may be the best.

 Pros The Mulsanne sports "old world" lines and a stately appearance, but still manages a modern look without being too silly.

 Pros The base model has a ridiculous amount of features, and even more are available through Bentley's personalization catalog, but one would expect as much given the price.

 Pros The luxury offered boarders on excess. The only plastic in the car is a few button surfaces. Everything else is metal, wood, or leather. In fact, Bentley estimates that as many as 19 cow hides are used in upholstering each Mulsanne.

 Pros There is a startling amount of technology hidden under the classic dash and hood. Electronic stability control and all the comforts modern luxury buyers expect all come standard.

 Pros With over a billion combinations of features, trim, and paint options, it is possible that no two Bentley Mulsannes will ever be the same.

 Cons At nearly a quarter million dollars, this is not a car one simply walks to the dealership and buys. The high degree of personalization involved in purchasing the Mulsanne requires buyers to special order one.

 Cons Understated is not a good word to describe the Bentley Mulsanne. It was described as "a big, heavy car, and unashamedly so," by a member of Bentley's Board of Directors. It is luxury through and through, and while not flashy, is not afraid to stand out.

 Cons Only 800 Bentley Mulsannes will be made each year, so buyers will have to be lucky or quick to be able to own one.

 Cons The Mulsanne is luxurious for one or two, comfortable for three, and can hold four. It is no limo, but it will take whoever straps in anywhere is style.