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Like Toyota with their Lexus brand, when Honda of Japan decided to go up market, they set up a completely different brand to cover the luxury car sector. Their new baby was Acura with their first models coming up for sale in North America in mid-1986. Interestingly enough, the last place that Acuras appeared was Japan with the first cars filtering through in late 2009; almost a quarter of a century after Acura was launched.

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After a promising start, interest in Acura cars flagged a little. However, in the mid-noughties, Honda threw a lot of money at the brand, introducing some interesting new models and innovations, pushing Acura back up the charts.

Among their consistent best sellers is in midsize luxury sport sedan sector, under the title of the Acura TL. The Acura TL Sedan may lack some of the excitement of some of its principally European rivals in the sector, but it more than makes up for it in terms of value, durability and reliability.

Now in its fourth generation Acura TL Sedan for 2012 is the ideal car for that shopper looking for a powerful sedan with versatile sports functionality for the weekend, and a comfortable machine for daily commuting. A powerful 3.5 liter, 280-horsepower V6 engine, 6- speed automatic transmission renders it an agile and dynamic 4- door front wheel drive car. Most drivers will be impressed by the improved front grill which portrays an improved fascia. For manual transmission lovers, you can't ask for more as the clutch pedal disengagement and engagement effort has been reduced significantly, making the Acura TL Sedan 2012 possess one of the smoothest clutch pedals and short- throw shifters in the Sedan market.

Performance of the Acura TL Sedan 2012 is above board, scoring excellently in its acceleration, handling, dependability and styling. Competing models however, do better in braking, fuel economy and interior luxuries. The SH-AWD feature improves its handling by aiding its already upgraded brakes, a sport-tuned suspension in addition to its powerful engine. After Acura TL Sedan 2012's minor makeover, its cargo area boasts an improved trunk volume, a refreshed redesigned tail lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, and performance-themed upholstery. Its engine type is Gas V6 producing 280 net horsepower and a torque of 254 at 5000 RPM. It has an 18.5 galloon capacity fuel tank with a carbon emission of 8.1 @ 15K mi/year. Basically if you are looking for reliability you should try this car as it comes to life on bends and abrupt halts. As mentioned before, the Acura has little competition when it comes to handling thanks to its torque - vectoring hind axle combining to anchor the vehicle around all sorts of corners


Going forward the Acura may not be the ultimate car that immediately wins you over like its close competitors, especially in the luxury category, but its mechanics are impressive particularly in this age of rocket-fast evolving automatics. A further proof of this is the much talked about 'dramatic' grill. The engineers explain that by remodeling the grill they allowed more air intake from outside rather than from the engine compartment. This had three effects: a more powerful engine, less ignition retardation which tends to reduce a vehicle's performance in high temperatures, and finally an estimated fuel economy of over 10%!

The most salient and perhaps most favorite feature of the Acura TL Sedan 2012 is the seamless automatic shift from automatic sequential to full manual transmission. The fun part is that you can do this just by tapping the left paddle twice, and you are on manual mode, all this without damaging the gears transmission.

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Rating: 2.7/5
35 users voted